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Dear Friend,

If you want to overcome your

​- social anxiety…

​- fear of being judged or negatively evaluated by other people…

​- fear of embarrassing yourself in front of other people…

​- fear of rejection or

​- any other social fear that hold you back right now…

then this could be the most exciting thing you've ever read.

Here’s why:

     My name is Andre Sossi, and ​I’m about to show you how to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about overcoming social anxiety all in one place!

Here’s the story:

     I used to suffer from social anxiety for ​many years. At one point I almost lost my job because of it and that made me obsessed about finding the solution.

     I tried so many different methods, techniques and strategies that I can’t even count. Eventually I was able to separate the weed from the seed and beat my social phobia.

     After successfully overcoming social anxiety I noticed that the quality of my life improved ​much more than I could have ever expected.

     I got new friends, a better job, I started dating and eventually I met my wonderful wife.

     I can’t believe how much I was missing out on life because I had social anxiety.

     Experiencing the difference between being afraid of every imaginable social situation and having fun with interesting new people, made me realize how much we are all missing out on life because ​we're having all sorts of social fears.

     So, I decided to create the best darn “how-to” course about overcoming social anxiety you could find… share with you all the lessons I had to learn the hard way… and arm you with everything you need to know to beat social anxiety and build social confidence, all in one place.

Addressing Your Specific Situation

Other programs are usually pretty generic and don’t address your specific situation which makes it very hard to make it work. Social Anxiety Away gives you a system that helps you solve your specific situation with social anxiety.

And unlike other books and courses, everything is explained in plain English, without complicated “psycho-analytical” jargon. I made everything so “regular people like me” could understand it all.

Here’s a taste of what you’re about to learn:

In module 1 you’ll learn how to find the right kind of motivation that will drive you forward until you succeed and build the confidence you need to be yourself around other people.

Usually people get excited at first but then lose the momentum because they lack a real purpose for doing it. This will ensure you have the right reason to overcome social anxiety.

You’ll also get a better understanding of your own situation so you’ll know exactly what you need to change and what (you need) to do first.

Other programs are usually pretty generic and don’t address your specific situation which makes it very hard to make it work. Social ​Anxiety Away gives you a system that helps you solve your specific situation with social anxiety.

In module 2 you’ll learn how to identify the negative limiting beliefs that actually cause you to get anxious in social situations. This is very important so you’ll know exactly which beliefs you need to get rid of and in what order to overcome social anxiety in the shortest time possible.

Next you’ll learn how to eliminate these limiting beliefs so they stop triggering the anxiety when you find yourself in a social situation. By eliminating these negative beliefs you’ll make it possible for yourself to accept new and empowering beliefs that will make you feel at ease and will allow you to enjoy social events.

In module 3 you’ll also learn how to accept these new, empowering beliefs as part of your identity so you’ll actually become a confident person and won’t have to pretend to be one.

You’ll also learn how to reinforce your new beliefs so you’ll never revert back to your old beliefs that cause your social anxiety right now.

As you can see, I created the “Social ​Anxiety Away” as the only program on overcoming social anxiety you’ll ever need.

In Addition to Everything You’ve Just Read As a Member You’ll Also Get YOUR Most “Burning” Anxiety Questions Answered By Me!

In ADDITION to the Social Anxiety Away program that you’ll get inside the member’s area, you’ll also get the opportunity to get YOUR specific questions answered!

As long as you’re a member you can send me your specific question regarding your social anxiety and I’ll do my best to provide the best possible answer that will help you solve your specific situation faster.

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As you can see, there’s literally no other program out there like this – and it’s something I’m so proud and excited to be able to make available to you today. It’s what I consider my life’s work, as far as social anxiety education – all wrapped up in this one, comprehensive program.

In fact, I believe so strongly in this program, I’d like to offer you a completely-risk free opportunity to check out the entire “Social Anxiety Away” program for yourself for just $​197 for the next ​2 months.

I’m doing this so you can check everything out for yourself and actually make some real progress. If it doesn't help you make significant improvement, just send me an email and you'll get every penny back.

But if you’re serious about overcoming social anxiety, I think you’re gonna LOVE what you discover in this program!

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Social Anxiety Away is not a magic pill. You must make a diligent effort, or results will not be obtained. It’s just like with everything else in life that’s worth pursuing. If you give little to no effort, the results are usually not great. On the other hand, when you give it your best, you can achieve so much more.

I’m not a medical doctor, psychologist, or mental health worker. This program comes from my own experience ending my social anxiety disorder, and my advice is not meant as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a qualified medical or other appropriate professional for any specific needs you may have.

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